The Project

Cities have changed a lot.

Today, we see more buildings than trees growing in them.

And on the grey walls of these buildings, thousands and thousands of advertisement posters are placed one on top of another.

That’s where we saw the opportunity: to re-use those advertising spaces to announce the lack of green spaces and turn them into pots with plants and flowers.

Introducing Plants of Posters: a non-profit street art project to make our city greener.

We invite you to join our project by downloading your favourite Plants of Posters moulds to make your own.

Let’s make our grey city greener, together.

Do it Yourself

and Festivals

If you are a musician, music festival organiser, artist or anyone who makes use of the posters as medium and you are about to play or expose in a city, you can contribute to the project by downloading the editable Illustrator file of the Plants of Posters mould that you like best and include it in the design of your concert poster, thereby becoming part of this movement.

Rock it! Green it!


Say Hi!
We’d love to know what you think about think about this project. Send us an email and share your opinion and suggestions.

If you like this project

This is those kind of projects that we really would like to make reach to as many people as possible and to do that we need your help by spreading the word on every corner of the internet. Share our channels, videos, and anything you want from this page and also don’t forget to make it your own. We really appreciate your help!